New Project: Beer App

A few weeks ago, I walked into a bar with a friend and, after blankly staring at the drink menu for a good five minutes, realized that I knew absolutely nothing about selecting a good beer to drink. I eventually resorted to “I’ll just have what she’s having”, and felt like I could use a crash course on beers. In this moment I deeply regretted not taking the coveted “Beers of the World” course back in college.

Sometimes when I want to learn about a subject, the motivation to do so turns into inspiration to create a side project. This time was no different. I am still working on the pitch, but what I am creating is essentially an app that keeps track of the beers you drink and where friends can send recommendations to one another.

Initially the app was going to be about general drink journaling. I am currently using a journaling app called Daylio to track how I feel over time and wondered what a version would look like where you tracked your alcoholic beverages instead.

The idea has already evolved to a more social media-like app based off of the responses I got from a survey that I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago. Within the survey, I included not only a section on beer, but also ones on wine and spirits. Many liked to select drinks based on suggestions from others. I also found that a number of people already tracked their drinks – mostly beer – in different ways. Some friends said they use an app called Untappd while others use Google docs. A friend of mine also mentioned that they knew someone who would use Swarm checkins to review what they drank at a location.

For this project I am focusing on improving my UX/UI skills and do not plan on making an actual build for it. The end goal here is to have an interactive mock-up and I have already got a few wireframes and flows going in Figma. The next step will be to ask a few people to test the flows I created and see where they can be improved upon.



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