A useful book for women in the tech industry

Women In Tech by Tarah Wheeler has a lot of useful tips for women both within or about to enter the tech field. It touches on topics such as networking, starting your own company, and salary negotiation.

Actually, this is the second book I’ve read that discusses salary negotiation, the first being What Color Is Your Parachute 2018 by Richard N. Bolles. Both Women In Tech and Parachute agree on certain negotiation tactics such as never being the first to give a number and negotiating benefits. However, I find it interesting how the examples they provide for responding to tactics differ greatly in tone. For example, if the employer asks you to name a number first, Wheeler suggests responding with:

“The salary you offer me tells me a lot about this company, and I think it’s really important for me to have that information so I can compare you with my other offers… I’m happy to give you some time; why don’t I follow up with you tomorrow if I haven’t heard your offer by then? I know it can take some time to get the i’s dotted” (pg. 64)!

In contrast, Bolles responds to the same topic with:

“Well, you created this position, so you must have some figure in mind, and I’d be interested in first hearing what that figure is” (pg. 88).

I’m personally more inclined to Wheeler’s example. Even when first reading Bolles’ response, I found it came off as a little too aggressive for me to use. I’m not going to go down the “aggression/swagger may be seen as a positive attribute in men, but often a negative attribute in women” rabbit hole, but Wheeler does touch on the topic in her book.

Women In Tech also features a number of inspiring stories from other women in the tech world. Each of their chapters tells their story, where they come from, and how they became interested in tech. I found them incredibly compelling since I love hearing about this stuff.

Now that I finished reading this book, I’m going to re-read How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I read it back in college, but the name has been popping up around me a lot recently. It’s probably time for me to revisit it.

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