Learning Some React.js

For the past month, I’ve been attending weekly code study sessions hosted by Learn Teach Code LA and Women Who Code LA, and I’ve come to realize that quite a number of other attendees have been favoring the web development space in these meetings.  Many people in particular have been practicing React.js, a JavaScript library created by Facebook for creating user interfaces. This library has become quite popular for front-end web developers over the last couple of years.

Before pursuing my masters degree, there was a time where I thought I was going to be a front-end web developer and worked with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript quite a lot. I used to create my own website designs and projects with HTML5 canvas, a couple of which are still featured on my portfolio. However, once I started USC, my focus shifted more toward developing projects with Unity and C#. After hearing so many people in the code study meetings talk about React.js, I decided to try it out myself.

Thus far, I’ve only gotten through this React Crash Course tutorial by Mosh that I found on YouTube and it did a great job at covering the basics. He also introduced some new concepts from JavaScript ES6 that I didn’t know of. I’m still not to the point where I’m ready to branch away from instruction and create my own content, but it’s a start. I also learned some new things about Visual Studio Code, which has now become my preferred code editor over Visual Studio Community.


Next up I plan on following a React.js tutorial I found on LinkedIn Learning. I might start that one later on today actually. Did you know that Lynda.com is now LinkedIn Learning? I didn’t know that until a week or two ago.

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